Thursday, March 17, 2011

The latest on my Forbes blog PINK SLIPPED: I go to SXSW Interactive

Here's the latest post on my Forbes blog PINK SLIPPED: "At SXSW Interactive, Recruiters Are Pimps, Fameballs Are Sad, and Big Business Doesn't Listen."
The session starts. LaPierre announces that during her session no one can blog or Twitter. If they want to do so, they should leave. I find this strange, seeing as LaPierre is the head of social media at Kodak. Social media is the blood coursing through SXSW’s veins. In every session, attendees are typing away on iPhones, iPads, and laptops. This is the means by which SXSW becomes a conversation not with itself, but with the world. This is part of how people process their experience here. Through social media.

I get up and walk out.
Also, I find out how freelancers are like drug dealers, what Julia Allison's thoughts are on the "cyber police," and why Kodak thinks I'm an idiot.

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