Thursday, March 10, 2011

What they're saying

I found Susannah Breslin interesting for about one and a half seconds.
A feminist blogger declares me dull. According to her, my Forbes blog PINK SLIPPED reeks of privilege and reads like Eat Pray Love meets "Working Girl" meets the unemployment line. Additionally, she believes that I do not experience being downsized as "both scary and life-altering." Instead, she seems to think, I lay about in bed all day, stuffing bon-bons into my mouth, and reveling in my downsized status.

Oh, Dreary, how I wish that were true! Because the writer does not lay bare her financial issues and unemployment anxieties does not mean they are not there. I left out the part about how five days after I was downsized, the stress resulted in a kidney stone, a case of shingles not long after that, and another medical issue after that I will not terrorize you with, lest you catch it by proxy.

Only a fool would think I'm not terrified. Only a blogger would write such a thing without asking the subject whether or not it was true. Only the privileged believe they have the privilege to decide who among us is privileged and who is not.