Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new Forbes blog: Pink Slipped

I'm really happy to announce the launch of a new blog that I'm writing for PINK SLIPPED.

A little over a month ago, I was downsized from my full-time job as an editor. That day, I wrote a post about being downsized: "Hire Me."

Shortly thereafter, I got an email from my former editor at True/Slant. Since True/Slant, where I and other journalists blogged, was bought by Forbes Media last year, I'd been hoping to make the move to But, ironically, it took getting downsized to make that a reality.

PINK SLIPPED is my story of getting downsized, looking for work in a tough job market, and what happens when you have to reinvent yourself. I'll be revealing my experiences, recounting wacky tales from the front lines, offering job searching tips, telling you what not to do because I did it already, and debating whether or not to sell my used underpants.

I'm really very excited about this project. It's a new direction for me, and something I've been increasingly interested in as of late. I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

In my first post, "How to Get Downsized," I explain why men are more helpful than women, show how flexibility is the key to getting paid, and decide getting downsized is good for you.

Of course, if you've got a lead on a job, are looking to hire, or know someone who is hiring, I'm a writer, a journalist, an editor, a blogger, a social media strategist, and a copywriter, and I'd love to hear from you.