Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I get email


Good for you on freelance success. As a full-time freelancer since 1987 with a long list of credits, too, I didn't appreciate your freelance piece on freelancing.

Good to have an opinion and I respect that.

But . . .

1. I have a penis, and I've lost jobs I believe because I have it.

2. Never write for free unless it's for a friend or for barter.

3. I'm 55 and I have a few younger editors. I use Facebook and Twitter and don't feel the need to be hip and young. I'm hip and not young. I'm not stupid and nor are my editors.

4. Blog and set it up so your blog goes to your Twitter account.

5. I'm 6-1, too, and no one has hired me or not hired me because of my height. Shame on you for your reverse sexism. Take your rather attractive mugshot off your blog and then get back to me.

Now, get back to work.