Monday, March 15, 2010

I get email


Google is an amazing thing, isn’t it? Thanks Al.

Searching for one thing leads to another and I suppose that’s how I happened upon your writing “ They Shoot Porn Stars...”

As a Hollywood expatriate and film Director who’s first feature is about [redacted] who play cards (an action film), I long ago, once had the surreal experience of working with Ginger “Allen” Lynne, before AND after she did jail time in LA county.

(Thanks to Tracy Lords, I think)

This particular film I was “co-producing” ( SEE: low paid slave for the experience) - a little low budget film called [redacted]. We were shooting 2, 35mm films, back to back in two weeks. It was Insanity. But I was younger then. Anyway... I digress.

And One day... In between takes, Ginger was surrounded by six or so female extras as she was recalling, like a high school girl ... What it was like on her first date with Charlie Sheen. This was not a porn film, by the way, but Gingers first jump into “mainstream” cinema. Yeap. And there I was ... Hearing Ginger with the excitement of 16 year old, talking of the butterflies in her tummy, as she wondered if Charley was going to kiss her or not at the end of their ver first date.

I recall the moment I heard her say it... And I wondered to myself.. “Is this really happening? Did she REALLY “feel” that... Was she actually nervous about her first kiss with Charley Sheen? Ginger Lynne? “How does that happen to a person?” I wondered to myself... Porn actress? Nervous about a first kiss? What?!!!

Needless to say... It didn’t work out for Ginger or Charlie.

I’ve not been on a porn set. And I’d never seen a porn film starring Ginger Lyne, yet as a man I’ve certainly seen my share of porn. I also know what it does TO men. And now, as a parent of a [redacted]... who’s growing up all too fast in the youtube age of... signing on and being inundated with images that objectify women every split second of every single day ... I am concerned for him. What once was hidden behind the black curtain of your local video retailer... Is now available through a few key strokes in a search engine. And the kind of porn that

So. As a filmmaker, who’s directed a couple of ... “Real Movies,” [redacted] (the [redacted] playing Action Film) and ... Another movie called “[redacted],” aka “[redacted]...” I am always looking for my next film project. And when I happened upon your titled: They Shoot Porn Stars Don’t They...” I saw it... Began reading and wincing... And I thought... O boy... What’s that? How can a different story be told on that same industry with a twist?

And as a filmmaker I always loathed the term, “sex sells.”

My, how I’d like to take that term and turn it into something... Useful AND commercial!

What do you think?