Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not for the cheesesteaks

I've continued my internal debate over where to move. Every once in a while in this life, I like to move. Expands my brain, my body, my life. I'm a cat with nine lives. How many left? Who knows.

The itinerary thus far. Los Angeles: Done that. Bay Area: Never going back. New Orleans: Nearly killed me. Chicago: The cold did me in. Honolulu: So expensive, I fled.

Where next? Thought about DC. Too pricey. Too conservative. NYC beckons. But more expensive than I can stand at this point.

I want to live in a major city.

So, last night, it occurred to me: Philadelphia, maybe?

Pros: Cheaper than NYC. No car. Sustainable.

Cons: Crime. Blight. The like.

Northern Liberties seems to be the place to be, no?

If you've got helpful and positive insight, drop me a note.