Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a big name

My friend Dana Harris at Variety sent me this link late last week, "True/Slant Builds Platform for Journalists, Brands" from Advertising Age, in which I am referred to thusly: "The network has 301 curated contributors today including big names like Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi and photographer/blogger Susannah Breslin." Amusing.

In any case, I've been getting a surprising-to-me amount of joy from blogging at Off the Record. True/Slant is like The Huffington Post if Arianna were assassinated, there were way less bloggers, not everyone was retarded, and you actually got paid.

Recently, I've written on whether or not Perez Hilton violated a federal obscenity law, why Warner Bros. wants you to torture a woman to death, and the Tiger Woods love doll. Follow me there, too, won't you?