Friday, March 19, 2010


Today, I met with a literary agent. Right now, I don't have one. Although, I have had a few. This one emailed me a few days ago, and he had sold a book in my milieu, as it were, so I decided to meet with him. Usually, I reply, "Not interested, thanks," as if I could not even be bothered to be grammatically correct.

In any case, these things go as these things go, and before long, it was clear what we were talking about was the idea of me writing a nonfiction book about the adult movie industry. This is a subject upon which I remain torn. I believe that if your life takes you a place, and you bear witness, you have a responsibility to testify. I do not feel that I have testified fully.

If you know me (or even if you don't, really), you know I am very competitive and very driven. I do not like to perceive myself as having failed at anything, ever. So, I'll have to think it over. I don't have to live there, but it requires a return, nevertheless, and I'll have to consider if that's a move I want to make.