Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I get more email

In a nutshell:
The project is the book about my life story.

Aside from being the first person to bring porn into the bedrooms of the world in1974 via The Underground Tonight Show the very FIRST xxx rated cable access show w/ Marilyn Chambers, Betty Dodson, amoung many other guests. Over a three year period there was 150 hours of adult televion produced and televised every friday. I am still very active 40 years later shooting for adam&Eve, Wicked, Pl;yboy and all the other major strudios, and, aside from doing time, two years with G.Gordon Liddy, E.Howard Hunt(ie:Watergate) and Clifford Irving, and, aside from growing up in NYC during the counter culture movement's birth, being friends with most of the "beats", Ginzbug, electric cool-aid Kerouak,et al and having directed/produced Jgger, Plant, Allman Bros,Patti Smith and others i was there when it aALLhappened Plus growing up a jewish kid in the bronx but a huge red sox fan. Gangsta father, housewife mother, and then,..me!.

High Shool teacher turned porn Icon. All of the women i have had serious live-in relationships were ALL with sex workers ever since i met a street walker on Bwy two days before my wedding to my college sweetheart. Earned a MSEd. and need two corses for the PhD. (.Ed.d).

It's really all in the details.
I'm a pretty interesting cat.

Everyone says to me .."you should write the book."
I saw your article "they shoot porn...." and liked how you write and your thinking.
I talk better than I type.

wanna chat a bit?
Hope to hear back from you.
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